Miso soup – is a traditional Japanese soup based on fish broth Dashi and miso paste, which is a must for almost any one meal, whether Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Today we will talk about how to make traditional Japanese miso soup with seafood, miso paste and Dashi broth at home.

Although there are many recipes of this soup, we will consider the simplest, which includes tofu, seaweed wakame and green onions. Paste Dashi for making miso soup as the rest of the ingredients, or can be found in regular supermarkets, or in specialized stores Oriental food.


so for cooking you will need:

- 3 cups Dashi broth (you can make a quick broth-based Dashi powder, you can make Dashi yourself, no semi)

- 3 tablespoons miso (miso paste vary greatly in their concentration, so, at their choice, guided by your taste preferences)

- 600-800 g of tofu

- 2 tsp of dried wakame seaweed

- 1 green onion


1) first prepare the Dashi broth. The easiest way to prepare this soup from a powder for the Dashi broth. To do this, boil 3 cups of water and add 1.5 tsp of the powder for the broth.

2)    One tablespoon of miso paste, place in a strainer and dip the strainer into the boiling Dashi broth, then thoroughly mix the paste into the broth. After the first tablespoon dissolved, repeat the procedure a second and third tablespoon of miso paste.

3) Cut the tofu in small cubes and add them to the soup. Gently mix so as not to damage the cubes of cheese.

4) Soak for 10 minutes, dried seaweed wakame and allow them to infuse.

5) Slice the green onion and place portioned onions and wakame to each bowl (4 servings)

6) Cook miso soup on a slow fire until it warms up, but avoid long cooking, because prolonged boiling miso paste will lose its taste.

Bon appetit! :)

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